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My Forever Home Crowdfunding

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Explore our FAQ section, designed to address your toughest inquiries about our fundraiser and gain a deeper insight into our filmmaking mission. Have more questions? Don't hesitate to reach out to us anytime.

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1/ Who is the target audience for this film?

Although all ages (10+) will enjoy this story, our primary target audience is teenagers. Which means we need to make stories that appeal to the general audience whether they are Christians or not. After all, how will we ever reach people for Jesus and impact culture unless people love our stories? To borrow from Star Trek, we believe The Prime Directive of filmmaking is “First, tell a great story!”

 2/ Will this story have Christian content?

Absolutely! All our films will have a biblical worldview and seek to move people toward Jesus, introduce them to Christian truths, and reinforce godly morals and virtues. And in our films, these elements will all fit smoothly into the story.

3/ How do you expect to spend the money raised from the campaign? 

We already have $20,000 committed toward this project and $30,000 in grants. And we have applied for some grants. However, any grant money must be used for very targeted items. That’s why this crowdfunding campaign is so important. It will provide us with funds so that we can commit to our actors and key crew members. The sooner we can do this, the better talent we can retain. 

Here are some rough numeric estimates. 

If we get $80,000 ($30K from this campaign + $50K already raised)     

⇒ allows us to pay actors & key crew members. 

  $90,000 in total –

=> Will also allow us to prepare the house (“set design”)

  $110,000 in total –

=> Will allow us to pay some additional crew members (makeup, etc) and edit & score (music for) the film. 


4/ How do we know you’ll spend the money wisely and honestly?  

The money raised through this campaign will go to Creation Point Ministries (CPM), a Non-Profit entity, which is overseen by an international board and advisory team. Every dollar raised and spent by CPM must be reported to the board. They must also report to the Canadian Federal Government. Plus, we expect to have an accountant working with us who will provide a comprehensive summary of all film costs. 


5/ Are you looking for other sources of income for this film?

From grants to product placements, we’re left no stone unturned. Even now, we have friends in Georgia, North Carolina, New York, Vancouver, and as far away as Hong Kong seeking partners for this project. Already several individuals have pledged to help. And we have received $30,000 in grants. But in all these things, this crowdfunding is key! Quickly getting funds from this campaign will allow us to start hiring key actors and crew. (And we must start getting things prepared soon!) Other money could come later. Plus, having a successful crowdfunding campaign will pique the interest of individuals who are already considering helping in more substantial ways.

6/ How do we know your stories will be interesting?

(1) Several people have read this script and remark about how fresh, creative, and fun it is.

(2) John Martens oversees all our stories. Creativity and storytelling are his gifts. Dr. John even goes by the title “Chief Creative Storyteller.” He’s written 12 screenplays, a novel, and several children’s books. Dr. John also enjoys improving other people’s stories. We’ve already had over 70 students in our film classes and each student has been required to shoot their own short film. They would bring their ideas to Dr. John, and he would help mold these raw stories into sharper, more “film-able” ones.

(3) Over the past few years, various Hollywood producers have read one or more of John’s scripts and responded in wonder at the newness and power of the stories. One producer even flew John several times to his home in Hermosa Beach California for brainstorming sessions on a project he was working on.


7/ What sets us apart from other filmmakers?  

(1) Exceptional stories with humor, charm, suspense, and action.

(2) Quality productions that look and feel like a Hollywood movie.

(3) Finding ways to get astonishing shots for far less money.

(4) We’ll weave a Christian worldview into our stories in natural ways that perfectly fit the story. It will be hard to imagine the story without those faith elements. 

(5) Our stories will have widespread appeal, both to the Christian audience and the general audience. 

(6) We’ll bring young people directly into the writing and the production process. This is part of our training program and will also help us create stories that appeal to young people.

(7) We’ll never bore our audience. (If we bore the audience, they won’t come back and we’ll lose the chance for long term impact.) 

(8) We not only produce films, but also train students and even work directly with churches.

(9) We have a huge vision that goes much beyond this one film.  

8/ What is the range of the budget for this first production?

We have budgets from $100,000 to $300,000.

Even the high end is considered very low by Hollywood standards. When we wrote this story, we had a budget in mind. It’s still a “huge” story in many ways, but it is set in one house and requires less than a dozen actors.

The lower end of this budget will force us to beg, borrow and leverage for every dollar. And that’s okay. But the higher end will allow us a fuller crew and funds for creative distribution. Either way, we’ll create a great project that people will enjoy.


9/ How do you plan to distribute this film?

Our goal is to get this film seen by as many eyes as possible and to use it as a springboard to our next production. We have a dozen different ways to help us accomplish that, from traditional distribution methods often used by secular filmmakers (like film-festival and streaming) to highly innovative ideas (that we want to keep under wraps for now). Having some distribution money will greatly help us here, but either way we’ll get this film out there. 

10/ Why should churches consider developing a movie ministry? 

We believe that the churches should have influence in all areas of society. Any area where Christian are not involved will decay. And there is nothing out there that impacts people all over the world more than movies and TV shows. This is where the battle for the hearts and souls of our young people is fought. 

Churches could have a movie ministry at various levels. All churches could have focused prayer for filmmakers. Many churches could send young people to our training centers. And some could be involved in creating their own story content. We plan to be there to help them. 

Below are eight reasons why every church should have a movie ministry. 


2 big reasons

& a basket more

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