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We are making a feature film

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My forever home

About the Project

After becoming time-locked in his own home, a nerdy mathematician, along with his sister and crush, must thwart a crime committed by his future self to restore their present timeline.

It's Home Alone - with guns - and time travel!

We are gearing up to produce a script that we wrote last year. It's going to take an incredible amount of volunteers putting in countless hours of their time and dedication. We're planning to shoot it as soon as we receive all of the funding.  

The Impact of the film

At Movie-Mint, our mission goes beyond mere entertainment, although we do love to entertain. We craft films with the aim of touching people's hearts and sparking new perspectives on God and Christianity.


With "My Forever Home," our aspiration is that viewers will ponder how seemingly small choices in life can lead to more significant consequences down the road. We hope that after experiencing our film, individuals will take a moment to reflect on their own paths and consider positive changes. Our story also revolves around redemption, emphasizing that it's never too late to seek God's guidance. It showcases the belief that when we turn to Him in times of need, His help is always within reach.


About the team

We have a fantastic, ever-growing team working to make this film come to life. Here is some of the core team:

2010 12 10 Youth 036.jpg

John Martens

Chief Creative Storyteller


Luke Herchuk


Jared Payne.PNG

Jared Payne



Dann Lisik

Special Effects Corrdinator


Amie Payne

Costume Designer

David Clevenger


Music/Distribution (US)

jeff prine

Jeff Prine.PNG

Church Liaison (US)

What we need to make it

In total, we'll need $250,000 to produce the film. That amount is for all phases of making the film including prep, production, post-production and distribution. It seems like a crazy expensive amount, and it is. But with your help, we can get this done.


To fund this film, we'll need many donations in the ranges of $100, $500, and $1,000. But we'll also need a few who are able to contribute $10,000, $50,000, or even $100,000! Please consider becoming part of what we're doing. It will be worth it.

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To donate to our crowdfunding page (GiveSendGo)Click Here

To donate and receive a charitable tax receipt in Canada or USClick Here

                        Money Raised So Far: $1,000                              

What you'll get if you make a donation:

  • Level 1 - All those who give $50 will receive a free digital copy of the film.

  • Level 2 - If you give $100 … we’ll also send you a physical copy (DVD or Blue Ray) which will include “behind the scenes” and “outtakes”, etc.

  • Level 3 - For your generous gift of $250 … we’ll send you at least 4 personal video updates during our 8-week production period.

  • Level 4 - Give $500 and appear in the film’s credits under “special thanks to …”

  • Level 5 - For your donation of $1000, we’ll give you either a Movie-Mint pot for plants (as seen in our Unreal Engine video) or a prop from the set (as seen on screen).

  • Level 6 - Our amazing $2,000 givers will be listed in the credits as “Associate Producers.”

  • Level 7 - And if you can give more than $2,000 – please contact us.

You can also help out in the following ways:

1. Tell your friends and family! Share our website and social media pages. Spread the word about this film! This may seem like something small, but you’d be amazed at what your words can do.

2. If you're a person of faith, pray for us and the production. Prayer works!

3. We could also use your help in various practical “hands-on” ways. Click here for a link to a page that lists dozens of jobs and tasks we need help with. Fill in the form. We’ll get back to you right away. 

4. You can also help by purchasing our film's merchandise, which directly goes towards our production budget. (Coming soon).

5. You can even buy our children’s book. (Click here for more info.)

Why trust us?

OUR theatrical quality short film


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walk my cow

John Martens, founder of Movie-Mint and a Writer/Producer on “My Forever Home,” has also written a children’s book. “Walk My Cow” is a wacky little story that children will read over and over again, but even adults will enjoy. In fact, no coffee table is complete without it!!


John wrote this book to help raise funds for our movie ventures here at Movie-Mint. If you have kids at home – or just need something cool to put on your coffee table for when visitors come over – you must buy this book. And tell your friends. You’ll be helping us make films including My Forever Home. And you’ll be changing the world. 

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