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The Team

Movie-Mint is a team of talented individuals who combine to have years of experience in production, education and working in the Hollywood system. Movie-Mint has writers, producers, directors, editors, practical special effects experts, stunt artists, and costume designers. We are constantly adding more to our team. As a team, we have over 70 film credits on IMDB including Superman & Lois, The Stand, Legends of Tomorrow, Sonic the Hedgehog, Godzilla, and Deadpool 2. 

The Vision

What brings us together is one heart and vision – to create a storytelling revolution by crafting dozens of high-quality films a year, training thousands of students, and working with hundreds of churches.

What Makes Us Unique?

High-Quality but Low-Cost Films

- It’s hard to combine high quality with low cost in a film. But it can be done. You just need to think differently and be willing to collaborate.

Training students

- Our goal is to build various small production locations where we train students and make films. Our students learn everything they would learn at a conventional film school – plus training in Christian worldview – but they also become essential crew in crafting our films. They won’t get this type of experience anywhere else.

Partnering with churches

- In addition to having our training locations, we’ll also travel around the country and work with groups of local churches to help them make films. We value the church.

We strive to be transformative in all we do.

- Treat each student, church, and actor with great dignity, whether they are “important” or not.

- All our films will honor God and affirm virtues essential to a thriving society (for example, forgiveness and hard work).

- We seek to leave a positive impact with every church and in every community we visit.

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